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From: The Wyrm Ouroboros <mehaffhm@******.SAN.UC.EDU>
Subject: Re: Hold your horses
Date: Sat, 23 Oct 1993 06:24:17 -0400
>> 1. Who are Lister CRUSH and Spirit to go after
>> a. Nodie said - the Russian
>> b. Wyrm said some other guy
>> 1b1. I really won't have Spirit moving around to much
>> Its called morning sickness
> Yeah, no kidding.. Mantis is supposed to get involved in this
> one, but I have no idea who we're supposed to be hitting.

The way I was eyeballing it, Lister/CRUSH/Spirit would be able to nail
the Russian after meeting with Mantis. Mantis goes ahead and sets up
the assault on one of Ganz's bases, specifically the one that Wyrm's
located in one of the old Native American Re-Education Camps.

The place is pretty big, so there are a number of others coming to help
-- feel free to make up names, but there'll be a wide scattering of
types. If Mantis and Lister and/or CRUSH want to collaborate on battle
plans, that's fine by me.

Whenever you want to hit the place, fire away....

The (Dead) Wyrm of the .Net


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