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From: Dave The Shade <IZZYUX2@*******.BITNET>
Subject: Rangers
Date: Thu, 28 Oct 1993 23:18:00 PDT
I just wanted to put up a special post about the Rangers. What Solrial says is
true, the Rangers are as good as the best shadowrunners, and they are his
equals (in there own specialties). These are NOT expendables. Don't just treat
them as such. Killing them should be as improbable (notice I didn't say impossi
ble) as killing any Shadowtk PC or Recurring NPC. If any of you are planning to
mix it up with the Rangers please note that they should not all be killed nor
killed easily.

Also Note that this is a LARGE Plot facet. Any amount of research on Solarial's
connection to the Rangers will show that he is NOT their leader or employer.
But is rather one of them. The Rangers are a magic circle/secret society that
wishes to advance its own members into power. All Rangers are equal, Solarial
was among the founding members, but is just a cog in the greater entity. If
anyone really really knows alot of tir society and gossip, they would recognize
that the Rangers are not just a selfish organization. It has been whispered
that the Rangers have also corrected quite a few injustices in the Tir.
Although they are supposedly just a "Hunting" club, they are also an undergroun
d society that tries to promote more democracy in the Tir. They have been
known to pay late night visits to cruel or tyranical princes that have resulted
in much better treatement of the laypeople.

David A./Solarial


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