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From: "J.P Haworth" <jhaworth@*******.COM>
Subject: 10 cards to go
Date: Tue, 14 Oct 1997 23:14:24 -0400
I am looking for 10 more cards to complete my set, I have listed
below my need/have list. If anyone is interested in trading any of these
cards please e-mail me at jhaworth@*******.com. I have several
references available from the srtcg trading post. Also below is a list
of cards I am looking for playing purposes.

I need
- Barney Phyffe
- The Big Chase
- Wheeler
- Clutch
- Doberman Patrol Vehicle
- Fairlight Excalibur
- Hell Blast
- Abducted
- Ambidextrous
- Rush Job

I have to trade
- Cleanse The Hive
- Dragon Hunt
- Impossible Mission
- Kamikaze Run
- Humanis Policlub Ganger
- Kham
- Sally Tsung
- Scatter
- Foxy Roxy
- Grizzly
- Gutter Rat
- Ice Queen
- Iron Mike
- Lucky Wabbits Foot
- Ranger Arms
- Skillsoft Athletics
- Skillsoft Demolitions
- Skillsoft Piloting
- Skillsoft Stealth
- Smartgun Link
- Stun Gloves
- Wired Reflexes
- Guardian Dracoform
- Heavy Sentry Gun
- All or Nothing

I need For playing
- Scorpio
- Drake
- Pappy
- Tin Man
- Killer Drone
- Highway Showdown
- Elite Security Mage

Thank You

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