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From: Nathan Johnson <Nathan_Johnson@***.GOV.AU>
Subject: Re: 1st ammendments
Date: Thu, 8 Oct 1998 13:07:43 EST
> we are also hoping the same it's just the frustration of not knowing that
> overtakes some of us (read ME) and we (read ME again) jump the gun and blow
> off steam...sorry if this make people want to leave the list but I believe
> this is an open forum and one may use ones 1st ammendments rights and say what
> you want and no one can stop you....................
> OneWay......MyWay
"1st ammendment". Well where they apply i guess. Am i entitled to some sort
of quasi-ammendment rights?

oh, and regarding the flames, I understand how some/most people would get
annoyed with them cluttering their home-mail, but when you're at work, and
that day creeps along...well then i gotta admit i just love 'em. It gave me
the precious gift of understanding how my girlfriebd can bear to watch the
afternoon soaps.

let em fly chummers!

"Everthing that deceives may be said to enchant"
(and you just know he had to be refering to amour.)


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