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From: Sorrow <sorrow@*******.ORG>
Subject: 2 decks for critique (1/2)
Date: Thu, 4 Jun 1998 22:43:35 -0500
Ok, with the exception of a really crappy deck
that I made with my first 3 starters, these are
the only 'real' decks that I've attempted. Keep
in mind, if you find you want to comment on
these, that I don't have very many uncommons
or rares. Those 2 boxes just didn't like me
very much.

Deck 1: Human Gangers

Turbo x2
Sancho (I only have 1 of him or there'd be more)
Stiletto x3
Skitz (I only have 1 of him)
Hatchetman x2
Jack Skater
Thrash x3

I have the Samurai and the others in there because
they are humans. I just don't own that many human
gangers. :(

Katana x3
Monofilament Whip (only one I have)
Baseball Bat (only one)
Ranger X
Beretta x2
Cyberarm x2
Muscle Replacement x2
Armored Vest x2
Stim Patch x2

The Iron Lung
The Warehouse
Mr. Johnson
Ganger Leader
Humanis Policlub Ganger (only Policlub card I have)

Razor Heads x2
Loaded Dice
Deja Vu x2

Manticore x2
Hellish Traffic
Maglocks x2
Mine Field
Lone Star Patrol
Razor Head Turf
Time Delayed Bomb x2
Booby Trap
Double Jeopardy
The Big Chase x2
Guardian Dracoform
Elite Security Guards
Hunting Gargoyle

Total: 60 cards

Milk Run
Mob War
Turf War
The Vault
Crime Wave

Thoughts? Comments?
Good deck? Decent? Crappy?
How are the ratios? To high?

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