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From: Gilbert Glaze <yleecoyote@*********.NET>
Subject: Adam "He's Da" Bomb
Date: Fri, 30 Jan 1998 07:44:38 -0800
Hello out there in cartoonland. Just wondering if anybody is looking for
Adam Bomb. I have 2 for trade.

Here are some cards I am looking for:
> Challenges:
> Highway Showdown
> Steppin Wulf Ambush
> The Big Chase
> Gear:
> Armor Peircing Ammo
> Chipjack3
> Doc Wagon (Platnum)
> Fairlight Excaliber
> Gyro Stabilizer
> Heavy Armor (Full)
> Skillsoft (Athletics)
> Sticky Fingers
> Runners:
> Da Profezzur
> Dodger
> Dr. Apocolypse
> Fastjack
> Ice Queen
> Marek
> Ravage
> Wheeler
> Specials/Stingers
> Ambidextrous
> Just a Rumor
> Sudden Goblinization
> Tactics (Converge)
> Now for the cheesy stuff. I am looking for some extras of some commons.
> Fort Knocks (X3), Steal Wiz Softs (X4), Extraction (X2), Sucker Run (X3),
Shadowplay (X2), Site of power (X2)
> And just remember, I know where you live (mad cackle).
Subliminal message for the day......Your door is a jar......Your door is a
jar..........your door is a jar.......


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