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From: Ferris Bueller <nons1@*******.COM>
Subject: A deck of Mine.
Date: Mon, 15 Jun 1998 10:03:11 CDT
Hey all. I finally came from the shadows so you can rip into me about
my deck. So here it is.

I have come with this conclusion with my deck. I'm not going to change
it until a new set comes out or I get throughly romped. This deck
hasn't ever been romped. I have probably played about 30 games. I have
never lost a best out of three. The total losses are only a couple, but
I think in 30 games anything (including the Weisman deck) will lose.
This covers about 5 differents decks. But no theme decks from UW, this
is where I could use some help. 3 I built myself and 2 the other guy

60 cards plus 9 objectives.

19 runners

4 Ice Queens

To use with Sticky Fingers. I don't play with any rockers, I would
rather mess up with their plans

2 Tinkerbell
1 Duncan
1 Foxy Roxy

A little sleezing. The 2 Tinkerbell are for Maglocks. I hate Maglocks.

Cherry Bomb
Lord Torgo

If you exclude Lord Torgo, the avg cost of runners is 4.2 yen. I only
slap out Lord Torgo if I need to kill a lot of elves or I need some
power. But I usually only have him out for a round or two if I put hime
out there.

7 Gear cards

2 Defiance Shotgun
2 Katana
3 Sticky Fingers

I think that Defiance Shotgun (+4/0 for 3 bucks) is a good card. It
stops the wanted and gives people a ggod boost for things with Armor 2
and 3.

1 Location

Club Vortex

I love this card. I keeps people turned, no Wanted. And I can use the
drugs for an emergency. If they are going to die, they better kill
something first.

12 Specials

Skills to pay the Bills.
State of Confusion
2 Green apple quicksteps
2 Wanted
2 Just a rumor
2 Luck O' the Irish

I love SOC. It is so versitle. Also I really Hate LotI because it
doesn't always work. The one downside to this game (for me) is the dice
rolling. Just a Rumor is a card that I love. For me I can always roll
to get this card to work. I keeps the alarm not triggered, and if I
can't handle something, well...

19 Challenges

2 Widow's trap
2 Elite Security Mage
2 Big Chase
2 Highway Showdown
2 Lone Star Crowd Control
3 Maglocks
Guardian Dracoform
Killer Drone
Fusion Gate
booby trap

This might be too many challenges in a 60 card deck, but that is just
me. The Big Chase and Highway Showdown's are for little sleaze decks,
and I have enough to hold back a Bully Deck (Maglocks or LSCC).
Hellhound and Killer Drone, to kill or make sure that they go home
becuase of fatigue.

If I counted right, that is only 58 cards. Which means that you can
tell me about 2 cards that I should slap in.

9 Objectives

2 Harlequin's game
2 Tiki Head Enigma
Operatio up and Over
Dunkelzahn's Black Book
3 Sucker Runs.

I my estimation, I think that this a bully sleaze deck. I have a wide
variety of sleazers, but their is some power. (Just not too much to
become cheezy.) This is why Har. Game and Tiki Head. I feel that
sucker run is an awesome card. It makes bluffing very important

Well, that does it. I hope you will spend a couple of minutes mouthing
me. I don't care. I do want to know what to put in those final 2

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