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Mailing List Logs for ShadowRN

From: Matt Breton <mbreton@**.NETCOM.COM>
Subject: AEX: Contacts [12]
Date: Fri, 23 Oct 1998 19:40:42 -0500

BARKEEP / Contact (Street) / 3¥
Play on target Street Location or Bar. Whenever that Location is used or visited, you may
turn a
Runner you control to use or visit that Location. Pay all costs as normal.

BASKET WEAVER / Contact (Amerindian) / 3¥
Turn an Amerindian Runner to visit Basket Weaver. (Runners visiting Basket Weaver remain
present until the end of your next turn, and do not unturn during the Refresh phase.)
1¥: Substitute a Runner on your shadowrunning team with a Runner present with Basket

BEAR DOCTOR SOCIETY / Contact (Amerindian) / 2¥
Use only once per turn, and only during your Legwork.
Pay X¥ and roll D6. X+: Remove X damage from target Runner.
[A shaman dressed in bear-furs and painting symbols on an obviously sickwoman.]

BORDER PATROL / Contact / 5¥
Whenever a Runner is deployed, roll D6.
1-4: -1/-0 to Runner until the end of the turn.
5+: Owner of Runner must pay 1¥ or Runner is arrested (return Runner to owner's hand)

GOVERNMENT BUREAUCRAT / Contact (Political) / 4¥
Players may not voluntarily trash cards at the end of their turn, nor may they draw more
than 3
cards during their Refresh phase.
"Yeah, yeah, yeah, I'll get around to it - can't you see I'm buried in paperwork

MR. GREEN / Contact (Street) / 3¥
Play on target Contact. This Contact gains Upkeep: 1¥.
[Sleazy-looking man in a pinstripe suit and fedora, holding up a fistful of bills.]
"That's 'green' as in 'GREEN', chummero!"

NAVAJO SCOUT / Contact (Amerindian) / 0¥
Use only during your Legwork phase.
3¥: You may look at the top Challenge in target player's Challenge stack. If the card
revealed is
an Outdoor Challenge, you may frag Navajo Scout to trash that card.
[A deep thicket. Just barely visible is the glint of a nocked arrow; behind it, the cold
eyes of a
warrior waiting in ambush.]

SEAL HUNTERS / Contact / 2¥
Trash Seal Hunters to deal 2 damage to target Awakened Challenge.
Frag Seal Hunters when target Awakened Challenge is trashed. Frag Challenge instead.

SNAKE HANDLER / Contact / 3¥
Once per turn, you may turn a Runner to visit Snake Handler to force target player to
discard a
random card from his hand. If visiting Runner does not have Biotech, he takes one armor-
piercing damage.
You may frag Snake Handler to force target player to discard his entire hand. Target
gains 1¥ for each card trashed this way.
Concept: Ryan Smith

SPIRIT GUIDE / Contact (Amerindian) / 1¥
Turn a Tribal Shaman to visit Spirit Guide. Frag the top card of your draw pile, and then
the next card to all players. If it is not a Gear/Spirit or Spirit Challenge, place it on
the bottom of
your draw pile. Continue revealing cards until your reveal a Gear/Spirit or Spirit

All your Runners gain +0/+1. Armor costs -1¥ to deploy on your Runners.
Whenever one of your Runners is fragged, roll D6.
1-4: Runner is trashed instead of fragged.
5+: Frag a random Runner you control.
"Either we all stand together -- or we all die together!"

TRIBAL FOLKLORIST / Contact (Amerindian) / 3¥
May only be used once per turn.
Frag the top card in your trash pile to gain 1 Reputation.
"Keep the fire low but burning. The night is long."


By far, THE hardest cards for me to come up with.


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