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Mailing List Logs for ShadowRN

From: Matt Breton <mbreton@**.NETCOM.COM>
Subject: AEX: Gear [20]
Date: Fri, 23 Oct 1998 19:42:30 -0500
* GEAR *

AZTEC BURIAL MASK / Gear (Armor) / 3¥
Limit one per Runner. May not be used with other Armor.
Runner gains +0/+2 and Guard. This Runner must use the Guard trait whenever possible.
"Death is to be embraced, so that the spirit may live."
Concept: Donald Arganbright

BLOOD SPIRIT / Gear (Magic/Spirit) / 4¥
4/4 Spirit. Play on a Runner with Conjuring or a Blood Mage. Turn to place a -1/-1 token
present Runner and a +1/+1 token on Blood Spirit.

BONE SHARD FETISH / Gear (Magic) / 3¥
Play on a Mage or Shaman. Trash Bone Shard Fetish at the beginning of any combat and roll
D6. On a 3+, user inflicts armor-piercing damage until the end of combat.
Concept: Teos Abadia

CHAOTIC WORLD / Gear (Magic/Spell) / 5¥
Play on a Runner with Sorcery-2. Trash Chaotic World to shuffle it into target player's
pile. When Chaotic World is revealed on an Objective pile, trash it.
(Cards may not be perm anently exchanged.)
"Is it really the world you see? Or only what you expect the world to be?"

CHIEF'S BAHO / Gear (Magic/Prayer Stick) / 4¥
Play on a Tribal Runner. Runners may not use special traits or abilities while holding
User gains Leadership +1. Turn user and trash Chief's Baho to end any Runner-vs-Runner
combat. A Runner may only hold one Prayer Stick.
Concept: Cyrill Locke

DATA FILTER / Gear (Matrix/Program) / 3¥
Name a type of card (Challenge, Runner, etc) when Data Filter is deployed.
Turn to reveal the top card of your deck to all players. If the card revealed is the type
of card
selected, put it into your hand; otherwise, trash it.

DISEASE FILTRATION / Gear (Cyberware) / X¥
-X Essence. When Disease Filtration is deployed, place X Filter tokens on it. Remove a
token to prevent a Virus token from being placed on user.

EAGLE FEATHER / Gear (Miscellaneous) / 3¥
+1/+0 to user.
May be deployed as a Stinger at no cost on target Runner when he scores a shadowrun.
Eagle Feather to heal one damage from user.

FALLEN WARRIOR SPIRIT / Gear (Spirit) / 4¥
Play on Shaman with Conjure-2. When Fallen Warrior Spirit is deployed, choose a Runner
has been fragged. Fallen Warrior Spirit has a Threat Rating equal to fragged Runner.
Fallen Warrior Spirit is trashed it is fragged.
"They fall, but they do not truly die."
Concept: Donald Arganbright

ILLUSORY FIGURE / Gear (Magic/Spell) / 0¥
2¥: Treat shadowrunning team as if it had one extra member until the end of the turn.

INFORMATION EXCHANGE / Gear (Matrix/Program) / 3¥
Turn instead of drawing a card during your Refresh phase. You may look at all cards
player draws during his next Upkeep phase.

'JACKRABBIT' DRONE / Gear (Outdoor Drone) / 3¥
4/4 Drone. Outdoor. If user is killed, you may transfer 'Jackrabbit' Drone to another
Runner you control. (This Runner must be able to hold 'Jackrabbit' Drone.)

KATZINA SPIRIT / Gear (Magic/Spirit) / 3¥
0/3 Spirit. Trash one Gear card user is holding to return Katzina Spirit and target card
in your
trash pile to your hand.

LANDROVER / Gear (Vehicle) / 4¥
Outdoor. Landrover may be deployed on a Rigger for free. User may not use skills to
sleaze or
(A+1) to user.
User is immune to damage from Vehicle Challenges.

MEDICINE POUCH / Gear (Magic/Focus) / 4¥
1¥: +1 to any D6 roll made for Gear/Magic cards user is holding. Use this ability
once per roll
and before D6 roll is made.
Trash Medicine Pouch to give user Conjure +1 or Sorcery +1 until the end of turn.

RAVEN FEATHER / Gear (Miscellaneous) / 3¥
You may trash a Gear card on user to deploy Raven Feather at no cost.
+1¥ to any Gear deployed on user. Cancel any effect which would trash Gear this
Runner is
holding. Turn user and trash Raven Feather to place the top Gear card in your trash pile
your hand.
Concept: Paul Ossman

SPECTACLE / Gear (Magic/Spell) / 3¥
Play on a Runner with Sorcery.
Turn when a player looks at or draws a card from his draw pile. He looks at (or draws)
second card of his draw pile instead.
1¥: Turn user when a Runner Recons a Challenge. He Recons a random Challenge on that
Challenge stack instead.

SPIRIT BAHO / Gear (Prayer Stick) / 4¥
Play on a a Mage or Shaman. Runners may not user special traits or abilities while
Prayer Sticks.
Conjure +1 to user. Trash Spirit Baho to give +1/+1 to all Spirits user is holding until
the end fo
"This stick is for the dead, not the living, can you handle it?"
[A native american sitting in front of a blazing fire, his face lit orange, holding the
prayer stick to
his chest, and his subtle spirit is lifting from his body.]
Concept: Cyrill Locke

TOMAHAWK / Gear (Hand-to-Hand Weapon) / 3¥
+1/+0 to user. User may add Melee to Attack Value. If user is Amerindian, you may roll
D6 after
each combat. 5+: user inflicts damage a second time.
Concept: Paul Ossman

WARRIOR'S BAHO / Gear (Prayer Stick) / 4¥
Runners may not use special traits or abilities while holding Prayer Sticks.
User gains Melee +1. Trash Warrior's Bahos to have user inflict damage first. Trash
or Runners killed by this damage (Challenges or Runners do not inflict damage).
"I will tell the gods to bring rain, my son, and you will bring revenge!"
[A native american fending off an entire gang in a dimly-lit alley.]
Concept: Cyrill Locke


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