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Mailing List Logs for ShadowRN

From: Matt Breton <mbreton@**.NETCOM.COM>
Subject: AEX: Runners [26]
Date: Fri, 23 Oct 1998 19:41:20 -0500

BUCKSHOT / Mercenary / 6¥.
5/4. Ork. Firearms-1, Streetwise-1. If Buckshot is holding a Ranged Weapon, any number
Ammo cards may be deployed on it.
[An Aleut, turning a piece of scrimshaw over and over in his hands.]

CACKLING GOOSE / Prime Street Samurai / 8/1¥
5/6 (A1). Ork. Anti-Social, Unique. Athletics-1, Firearms-1, Street-1. Will only
attempt a
shadowrun with other Anti-social Runners. Frag Cackling Goose to bypass any combat
requirement of an Objective.

COBARDE / Street Thug / 2¥
4/3. Amerindian/Human. Firearms-1. If Cobarde is present on a shadowrun and the alarm
triggered, he immediately returns to the safehouse.

DANIEL SHEEMAHANT / Prime Mercenary / 8/1¥
5/5. Amerindian/Human. Firearms-2, Leadership-1, Melee-1. 2¥: Turn Daniel
Sheemahant to
return target Mercenary to the safehouse.
Concept: Wayne Shelden

DAUGHTER OF THE PINES / Tribal Shaman / 5¥
3/4. Amerindian/Dwarf. Biotech-1. Conjure-1, Stealth-1. Daughter of the Pines may not
participate in shadowruns while you control wounde d Runners.

DOLOR / Blood Mage / 5¥
3/3. Amerindian/Ork. Leadership-1, Sorcery-1. Turn Dolor when target Runner dies.
Owner of
target Runner must place a 0/-1 Blood token on a Runner he controls.
Concept: Teos Abadia

DUST RUNNER / Tribal Warrior / 5¥
6/6 (A1). Amerindian/Ork. Athletics-1, Melee-1. If Dust Runner is trashed, frag him.

FEATHER DANCER / Tribal Warrior / 5¥
4/4. Amerindian/Dwarf. Athletics-1, Melee-1. When Feather Dancer scores an Objective,
turn X
Runners you control to add X¥ to your Credstick.

HIJO DEL FUEGO / Blood Mage / 4¥
2/2. Human. Sorcery-2. Turn Hijo del Fuego when a Runner is killed in Runner-vs-Runner
combat. Attacking player may place a +1/+0 Blood token on a Runner he controls.
Concept: Teos Abadia

INTICOPA / Blood Mage / 4¥
3/2. Amerindian/Human. Sorcery-1. Turn Inticopa to cancel any effect which would allow
opponent to look at your hand, draw pile, or an unrevealed Challenge you put into play.

KSIWAMBE / Tribal Chief / 8¥
5/5. Amerindian/Human. Leadership-3, Melee-1. Once per shadowrun, you may shuffle a
Challenge into your draw pile instead of trashing it. If Ksiwambe is killed, you must
frag a
random Challenge you have in play.

KYRIE / Eagle Shaman / 5¥
3/5. Amerindian/Elf. Conjure-1, Social-1, Stealth-1. 5¥: Reduce any Reputation loss
by one-
half (round up). If owner has negative Reputation, Kyrie is immediately trashed.

LACROIX / Bounty Hunter / 6¥
3/3 (A1). Dwarf. Firearms-1, Stealth-1, Street-1. 2¥: Turn to attack a Wanted
Runner or a
Runner who just pulled out of a shadowrun. Lacroix may only attack Runners with fewer
this way.

LITTLE BEAR / Ganger / 6¥
3/4 (A1). Amerindian/Troll. Firearms-2, Piloting-1. 2¥: Turn Little Bear to attack
Ganger in Runner-vs-Runner combat. Little Bear gains a +1/+1 Experience token whenever he
kills a Runner this way.

PAEAPANA / Blood Mage / 6¥
3/3. Amerindian/Human. Leadership-1, Social-1, Sorcery-1. Turn and frag a Runner you
control to draw a number of cards equal to that Runner's deployment cost.

4/5. Amerindian/Human. Gunnery-1, Piloting-1, Street-1. Rebecca Long River may not
or be attacked in Runner-vs-Runner combat.

RED RABBIT / Prime Ganger Leader / 7/X¥
5/6. Amerindian/Ork. Leadership-1, Street-1. 2¥: Turn Red Rabbit to put a 4/4
Ganger Runner
token into play. Red Rabbit has an Upkeep equal to the number of Ganger Runners he has
brought into play. If Red Rabbit is trashed, trash all Ganger Runner tokens in play.

RIDGE / Mercenary / 8¥
8/8 (A1). Amerindian/Troll.

SEES WATER, SEES SKY / Prime Decker / 6/1¥
2/3. Amerindian/Elf. Decking-2. 3¥: Turn to 'cache' the top card of target player's
draw pile or
trash pile underneath Sees Water, Sees Sky. Target player may pay you 1¥ to retrieve
one card
from Sees Water, Sees Sky's cache to his hand. -1 Decking for each card in Sees Water,
Sky's cache. (Runners may not have negative skill levels.)

SEES WITH ANCIENT EYES / Tribal Warrior / 6¥
3/3. Amerindian/Elf. Firearms-2, Technical-1. Sees With Ancient Eyes does not turn t o
Indirect Fire.
"I'll be so far away, you won't even hear the shot."
Concept: Paul Ossman

STORMCLAW / Tribal Shaman / 5¥
3/3. Amerindian/Elf. Sorcery-1, Conjure-1.
[An Indian with a wolf head dress looking up into a rainstorm.]
Concept: Donald Arganbright

T'E-NE-T'E / Tribal Chief / 8¥
5.5. Amerindian/Dwarf. Decking-1, Leadership-2.
You may only have one Tribal Chief in your deck. If you control more than 6 Amerindian
Runners, draw an extra card during your Refresh phase. When T'e-ne-t'e is killed, discard
entire hand.

THUNDERSTORM / Rocker / 4¥
3/3. Elf. If Thunderstorm is present when an Objective is scored, he gains Fame +1. If
Objective was a Kiva, place a +1/+1 Experience token on Thunderstorm.
Concept: Wayne Shelden/Rob Thomas

TS'O-NO-TL / Tribal Chief / 8¥
5/5. Amerindian/Ork. Stamina. Leadership-1, Sorcery-1.
You may only have one Tribal Chief in your deck. If you control more than 6 Amerindian
Runners, gain +1¥ during your Credstick phase. When Ts'o-no-tl is killed, lose all
¥ on your

VALKYRIE / Tribal Warrior / 6¥
4/4. Amerindian/Human. Athletics-1, Conjure-1. Frag Valkyrie when target Runner is
Return Runner to owner's hand instead (trash all Gear Runner was holding).

YOUNGEST WOLF BROTHER / Tribal Shaman / 5¥
4/4. Amerindian/Human. Leadership-1, Melee-2, Stealth-1. Youngest Wolf Brother gains
if he is the only Runner in a shadowrunning team.


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