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From: Matt Breton <mbreton@**.NETCOM.COM>
Subject: AEX: Stingers [12]
Date: Fri, 23 Oct 1998 19:43:23 -0500

BLOODLUST / Special (Stinger) / 2¥
Play before target Challenge is revealed on a shadowrun. If this Challenge has a Threat
it may not be sleazed.
May be played to cancel the effects of Pacifism.
"It doesn't matter what you say; he's gonna bash you anyway."
Concept: Axlrose (need a real name, btw.)

FOOTFALLS IN THE MIST / Special (Stinger) / 1¥
Play when target Challenge has been sleazed during a shadowrun. Return the Challenge to
owner's hand.

GRANDFATHER SPIRIT / Special (Stinger) / 0¥
Frag target Runner in your trash pile to give target Runner +1 level in a skill fragged
possessed, until the end of the game.

HOKAHEH! / Special (Stinger) / 3¥
Target Runner in Runner-vs-Runner combat gains +3/+0. If this Runner is Amerindian, he
gains Stamina. Frag this Runner after combat.

IT'S A TRAP! / Special (Stinger) / 2¥
Target Challenge deals damage in combat first. (Trash Runners killed by this Challenge.
Runners do not inflict damage).
"Wait til I get my hands on that fraggin' Johnson!"
Concept: Dan Weber

LOSS OF FOCUS / Special (Stinger) / 2¥
Target Runner may not use special traits or abilities until the end of turn.

PACIFISM / Special (Stinger) / 2¥
Play before target Challenge is revealed on a shadowrun. Target Challenge and all Runners
present do not deal damage.
May be played to cancel the effects of Bloodlust.
"But he's such a -cute- little troll!"
Concept: Axlrose (Still need a real name, btw)

PEYOTE DREAM / Special (Stinger) / 1¥
Turn an Runner you control to look at one random card from each player's hand. If the
you turn is Amerindian or a Mage, you may look at two cards from each player's hand. Look
cards for 5 seconds before returning.
Concept: Christophe Heustis

POINT OF NO RETURN / Special (Stinger) / 5¥
Play when target player is within 20 Reputation of winning the game. Cancel the effects
of any
card that would cause target player to lose Reputation. Any cards that go to target
player's trash
pile are fragged.
"That's it. There's no turning back."

TRIBAL LAW / Special (Stinger) / 3¥
Play when a Corporate or Lone Star Challenge is revealed on a shadowrun. Roll D6 (+1 for
Amerindian Location in play). 5+: Trash Challenge.
Concept: Teos Abadia

UNDER THE GUN / Special (Stinger) / 4¥
Play during a shadowrun in which the alarm has been triggered. Each Runner gains +X/+X
the end of combat. (X = 1/2 number of skills Runner posseses, rounded down).
"I can't concentrate until the bullets start flying!"

WALK WITH THE SPIRITS / Special (Stinger) / 1¥
Target Amerindian Runner may join a Runner team with less than the maximum number of
members. Trash this Runner at the end of the shadowrun.
Concept: Paul Ossman

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