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From: Bodrake <bodrake@**********.COM>
Subject: A few questions answered by Mike
Date: Thu, 4 Sep 1997 19:04:58 GMT
1. What is the purpose of the Bulldog step-van's (A+1) while the
runners are in the safehouse? Should this be while the runners are on
a shadowrun?

It can protect you from cards like drive-by, riots,etc. So it was

2. Why is the Cermak Blast objective (which has 3 different insect
spirits) worth only 25 pts, while the less deadly Urban Brawl (with 2
teams and a discard challenge) is worth 35?

It's an over sight on our part. And it'll be corrected in the
reprint. until then just keep using it at it's listed rep pts.

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