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From: Christophe Huestis <chuestis@**********.NET>
Subject: A few thoughts...
Date: Sun, 7 Jun 1998 09:51:53 -0400
I now happy to say I can devote a little more time to the list. The last day
of the school year was Friday and the kids have finally gone home for
summer. I have seen plenty of threads that I have wanted to add my two cents
but have been too busy to write. With the advent of summer I hope to rectify
this as quickly as possible.

Some people were complaining how no one would critique their decks. I would
be glad to try my hand at it with, of course, the hope that someone will
critique some of the decks that I have put together. I like theme decks a=

Also while we are waiting for the online SRTCG game program to be finished,
there is some neat shareware on the net that allows for private chat
dialogues to be set up purely to play shadowrun (or at least that is what we
use it for). I am sure there are plenty of great challengers out there that
would like to take on some new opponents (especially those of us who live in
areas with limited competition). You can send your requests for this
information to chuestis@**********.net.

I am still trying to finish my deck so hopefully I will find someone to
trade with so I can get the last card I need, "Elite Security Mage." I have
3,000 plus cards to choose from. I will entertain all "interesting offers"
as long as you only contact me by privately – NOT ON THE LIST:). Same
address as above.

I really wish that I could afford to go to GenCon this year. I really want
to try to play in a tournament. I don’t think that it is going to happen=
time soon in my area. Those people who do go please send your comments on
how it goes seeing how the list is my only source of information.

Thanks for playing, please play again.

Christophe A. Huestis - chuestis@**********.net
"Believe in yourself and the world will be at your feet. You are the owner
of your future."
If you want to teach there are 6000 plus openings in North Carolina!!!


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