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From: Forrest <eness@**********.COM>
Subject: Ally Spirit (was: Re: I was slaughtered)
Date: Wed, 17 Sep 1997 04:03:30 -0700
---Matb <mbreton@**.NETCOM.COM> wrote:
> > > > Q: Does the Ally spirit count against the number of Spirits a
> > > > Shaman can use?
> > > I usually assume not, but I'd wait to hear from FASA.
> > Out of curiosity, what is the reasoning behind this? According to
> > the rules, spirits are the equivalent to drones in every respect.
> > To get the special ability of the drone you have to use it.
> > According to the text on the Ally Spirit the +1/+2 is applied to
the > > user. Like all other drones/spirits though the runner may
have it
> > and not use it (and therefore not receive the bonus).
> "Owner gains +1/+2 while Ally Spirit is in play. Trash to avoid all
> damage taken from one source." That "while in play" bit says to me
> that it doesn't have to be activated, except to avoid damage. It's
> along the lines of the vehicles (not drones) - they give their
bonuses > while unturned.

I really hate to be nitpicky, but since it is what my opinion is based
on.... Anyway, here is the listing of the card (from the spoiler
list) and verified on the card itself:

Ally Spirit
Type: Gear
Rarity: Common
Description: Gear/Magic/Spirit
Notes: 4¥. Play on Runner with Conjure 2. User receives +1/+2
while Ally spirit is in play. Trash to avoid all damage taken from
one source. "It's good to have powerful friends."
Illustrator: Jeff Miracola

Since the keyword "user" is used on the card, and in the rules, I
would say that the shaman has to be actively using the Ally Spirit to
get the bonus. I see what you mean about the vehicle (non drone)
thing. Quite frankly, I hope that you are right, as it would make the
AS more powerful. I might actually throw them into a deck or two :-)

Just my $0.02, but then again I haven't had my morning caffeine so
what do I know ;-)

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