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From: Gabe Rosario <Brakiss187@***.COM>
Subject: Re: Alphrius/flame wars
Date: Wed, 21 Oct 1998 06:52:25 EDT
sorry for your loss to pal...with your loss we all lost a fellow srccg

as far as the shit on the list, it's just ryan said just words...i
don't care if anyone pays attention or not...i say what i gotta say....some
people on this list believe it's some sort of rpg realm and they are
god...well this list is also subject to real life situations and people react
different....rules you say??? who in their f*cking right mind follows rules
nowadays.....and thae biggest problem is that there is too many chiefs and not
enough people say there is 200 and some people on this
list...well i can count maybe 20 active list where are the other
180 members?? huh... i mean damn if ryan or myself don't say anything the list
is dead for days....and when we try to say something about the game
jon(gimpboy) has something to say....talkin about a flame war...please don't
make me laugh can't hang with the big dog so stay off the


if yo ass don't know you betta ask somebody!!!!

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