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Message no. 1
From: Loki <daddyjim@**********.COM>
Subject: [ADMIN] Account unsubbed ( was Re: Auction Update #4...)
Date: Sun, 19 Jul 1998 10:04:01 -0700
---Dennis Shea <LordBurger@***.COM> wrote:
> First off, sorry to the Grid Sec Guys, i had no idea that you guys could get
> in trouble for posts of this nature, so i wont be running any more auctions,
> but because of so many responses to my auction, i will give it another day,
> then end it, so that all that want a final bid can have one, and i wont havce
> to post to the list anymore. Sorry again : )

A number of warnings have been given. Above and beyond the set one warning
limit recently adopted. The reason for auctions being taken off-list has even
been explained twice over.

It chosen to make this the last auction post two posts too late.

This account has been unsubbed.

The auction thread ends here. Further posting on it will result in those
accounts being unsubbed as well.

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