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Message no. 1
From: Loki <daddyjim@**********.COM>
Subject: [ADMIN] Posting and Netiquette (was Re: [OT] Huge Ranting and
Date: Thu, 26 Mar 1998 09:18:14 -0800
---">>>>> Axlrose - ... <<<<<"
<axlrose@**********.COM> wrote:
> >1. You broke standard netiquette as put forth in the SRCard FAQ by
> quoting a >relevent part of the message you're replying to. Most
> probably won't even know >what cards you meant.
> And on the other hand, I am really getting sick and tired of people
> snipping away stuff. I mean, how many times do I (or anyone else)
have to
> wade through lines and lines of repeated stuff just to get a one
liner at
> the end? Especially when the original idea is long gone and the
topic is
> elsewhere, if not off-topic.

I've been noticing the same happening more and more frequently:

For all concerned, here's a snippit from the FAQ under Posting

4.A Quoting Previous Posts
Only quote what directly related to your reply. (Take out .sig files,
excess so-and-so wrote on date: messages, and other things that have
nothing to do with your post.) But *do* leave in something that will
give the readers a hint of what you are talking about... Please put
your reply after the text they refer to, editing the bits that don't
have anything to do with your reply.

The FAQ, people: read it and live it. ;o)

> The same can be said of those that post want lists and get replied,
> with html, crayons, dirt, dust, finger paint, pens, pencil, etc.,
and then
> (and not exactly directed towards you Loki) but then get the whole
> practically repeated to tell the offender not to do it. I say send
it via
> e-mail!

Point taken, and I believe for the most part, correcting slip ups such
as personal trade posts has been taken to private email by myself and
the GridSecs of late.

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