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Message no. 1
From: Loki <daddyjim@**********.COM>
Subject: [ADMIN] Re: My Honorable reply (rated R)
Date: Mon, 20 Jul 1998 22:44:05 -0700
1. Tatsulong, you mailer overrides SRCard's address with your personal one in
the reply-to field.

2. This message goes to any and all parties involved, or those thinking of
getting involved for some reason. I don't think I need to point out why this
post should *never* have hit the list. THIS THREAD ENDS HERE...PERIOD. Any
further activity will only serve in accounts being unsubbed. This is the only
warning that will be given.

If there are any questions, read the FAQ. The list's stance on abusive
language and open flaming is pretty straight forward.

I'm not adminning an arena for dirty laundry to be aired.

Welcome to the Sixth World. Play nice.

-== Loki ==-
Fearless Leader of the Shadowrun Trading Card Game Mailing List
Poisoned Elves:
SRTCG trade lists last updated 4/9/98

---Tatsulong <tiehlong@******.COM> wrote:
> Next time Keith like I said pull your head out of your fucking ass
> mother fucker and e-mail the individual because I do read all my
> personal mail and you never sent a damn thing as to this effect because
> if ya did I would have responded and let you know what was up. And for
> the fact that you never mentioned my name you are correct and as for the
> fact that I am an honorable person what do you think an honorable person
> would do he would be willing to come forward and admit he was the person
> in question. So before you start shooting your fucking mouth off at
> someone you stupid ass mother fucker be sure about that facts and that
> individuals situation. I don't tolerate cock sucking dick mother fucker
> attitudes like yours especially after I sent e-mail relaying my
> situation you uncaring mother fucking moron. I dont care whether I had
> sent the cards or not. My grandmother was my number one priority not
> your stinking fucking cards. So before you start flaming someone you
> stupid ass jerk moronic peebrained ass lickin shit eatin cow humpin ball
> lickin jerk check your damn e-mail.
> Now I sent those cards express mail you asshole and it cost me 25+
> dollars to do it and this is the attitude you give me in return. I
> should have known better. And don't bother replying to me again I will
> ensure my ISP blocks any more incoming mail from your ass.
> Keith R. Chenoweth wrote:
> > Hi all,
> >
> > I thought someone might like an update on this trade. I received the
> > cards
> > today from James Hash in good condition. Most of the folks who
> > responded to
> > my earlier post said they had never been burned on a trade, and I'm
> > still
> > among that number.
> >
> > Ironically, it was James himself that smeared his own name, as I never
> >
> > referred to him specifically in my post. So, I'm in the interesting
> > position of clearing someone who attacked not only me, but himself, as
> > well.
> >
> > For the record, I did mail James privately more than once, with no
> > response,
> > before I "whined" to the list. Only after I posted my message here
> > did I
> > get a reply, which was exactly the result I desired.
> >
> > Anyway, all's well that ends well, and all that.
> >
> > And James- Next time, I recommend that you read your personal mail,
> > take
> > care of your business, and pull your head out of your ass before you
> > flame
> > someone in an open forum.
> >
> > Keith

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