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From: Loki <daddyjim@**********.COM>
Subject: [ADMIN] Re: [TRADE] (updated) OneWays list O' crap
Date: Sun, 23 Aug 1998 09:02:18 -0700
---Joshua Cho <YuHyunCho@***.COM> wrote:
> In a message dated 98-08-22 17:35:12 EDT, you write:
> > jow many times does one have to say to you ? TRADE REQUESTS GO PRIVATE
> -----
> >
> Get off my back, dude. You think I'm doing it on purpose? And I've only been
> told once, so don't go on saying I've been told several times either

I'm posting this publicly, as I know we still have a number of new comers to
the list.

Because it would taken two, three, or even more times of warning an individual
in the past before posting guideline would become adhered to. SRCard admin
have had to take a one-warning policy before unsubbing an account over
personal trade replies going public or other common posting infractions.

JC, I know I myself have already sent you a warning on this. Whether you feel
Ryan's comment was justified or not. That warning followed by this trade reply
hitting the list is actually enough to get you unusbbed. Granted, unsubbing is
primarily a slap on the wrist. It's an annoyance designed to get your
attention, as you can resub to SRCard. However, further disregard and
infraction of posting guidelines after resubbing can earn you an account

Because it took me a day or two to get to this message, and the fact that I'm
posting this ADMIN message to the list in general, I'll let it go.

Please, police yourself better in the future. There are only a handful of
guidelines we ask members to follow on posting to the list. Those few are put
in place for a reason.


Welcome to the Sixth World. Play nice.

-== Loki ==-
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