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Message no. 1
From: Bull <chaos@*****.COM>
Subject: Language [was Re: TRADES]
Date: Sun, 14 Dec 1997 01:36:18 -0500
At 11:59 PM 12/13/97 EST, LordBurger wrote these timeless words:
[SNIP Burger's somewhat offensive post]


WHile you have a very valid point, and both Lady Jay and Loki have pointed
that out time and time again...

You REALLY need to work on how you present yourself. Personally, I'm
offended by both your language, your tone, and your casual use of the word
"Nigga". Remember, this is a very large and very widespread list, and
chances are real good we have more than a few underage kids who read this
list. What doesn;t offend you may offend others (And in this case, does.)

Let's keep this list clean and friendly, shall we?

Bull, aka Steven Ratkovich, aka Rak, aka Chaos, aka a lot of others! :]

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