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Mailing List Logs for ShadowRN

From: Wind Dancer <winddancer@***********.NET>
Subject: List of Needs..
Date: Thu, 28 Aug 1997 00:08:07 -0400
Current Need List. Will change once I get some more money... :]

All are classified by Common, Uncommon and Rare


Hollywood (C)
Nightshade (C)
Orion (C)
Redline (C)
Roadrash (C)
Shade (C)
Thrash (C)
Knuckles (U)
Macabre (U)
Razorback (U)
Reaper (U)
Red Widow (U)
Sam the Sleuth (U)
Viper (U)
WishBone (U)
Bam Bam (R)
Ceaser (R)
Clutch (R)
Dirk Montgomery (R)
Dr. Apocalypse (R)
Drake (R)
Ghost Who Walks (R)
Grizzly (R)
Gutter Rat (R)
HighBrow (R)
Iron Mike (R)
Jack Skater (R)
Kham (R)
Lord Torgo (R)
Marek (R)
Moon Shadow (R)
Pappy (R)
Ravage (R)
Ripper (R)
Sally Tsung (R)
Scatter (R)
Scorpio (R)
Skag (R)
Skwaaaark (R)
Tiny (R)
Titan (R)
Wheeler (R)

Hunter Drone (C)
Invisibility (C)
Katana (C)
Roto-Drone (C)
Silencer (C)
Skillsoft: Firearms (C)
Skillsoft: Melee (C)
Streetline Special (C)
City Spirit (U)
FN Mag-5 (U)
Foretelling (U)
Fuchi Cyber-6 (U)
Harley Scorpion (U)
HK227 (U)
Ingram Valiant (U)
Laser Scope (U)
Lined Coat (U)
Muscle Replacement (U)
Nature Spirit (U)
Ranger X (U)
Ruger Super Warhawk (U)
Skillsoft: Gunnery (U)
Skillsoft: Social (U)
Skillsoft: Technical (U)
Sleaze (U)
Sleep (U)
Microskimmer (U)
Steamroller (U)
Walther Palm Pistol (U)
Bullet barrier (R)
Camo (R)
Chipjack 3 (R)
Cortex Bomb (R)
Crash (R)
Doberman Patrol Vehicle (R)
Doc Wagon Plat. (R)
Fairlight Excaliber (R)
Gyro Stabilizer (R)
Heavy Armor-Full (R)
Heavy Armor-Partial (R)
Hellblast (R)
Lucky Wabbit's Foot (R)
Monofilament Whip (R)
Panther Assult Cannon (R)
PRC-44b Yellowjacket (R)
Ranger Arms (R)
Redirect Datatrail (R)
Remington 750 (R)
Skillsoft: Athletics (R)
Skillsoft: Demolitions (R)
Skillsoft: Piloting (R)
Skillsoft: Stealth (R)
Stun Gloves (R)
Wired Reflexes (R)

Bounty Hunter (C)
Fringe Surgeon (U)
Ganger Leader (U)
Mr. Black (U)
Talismonger (U)
Troll Bouncer (U)
Squatter (R)
THe Fat Man (R)
Yoshimo Chang (R)

Decker Coffeehouse (U)
Hermetic Library (U)
Ares Macrotechnology (R)
Aztechnology (R)
Renraku (R)
Saeder-Krupp (R)
Shadowland (R)
Sniper Roost (R)
The Festering Tusk (R)
The Hideaway (R)
The Z-Zone (R)

Assassination (C)
Cermak Blast (C)
Courier Run (C)
Milk Run (C)
Mob War (C)
Operation Cottonmouth (C)
Protect and Defend (C)
Robo-Plant Revolt (C)
ShadowPlay (C)
Site of Power (C)
Steal Wiz Softs (C)
Sucker Run (C)
Tiki Head Enigma (C)
Wetwork (C)
Operation Up and Over (U)
Ragnarock (U)
Cleanse The Hive (R)
Dragon Hunt (R)
Dunkelzahn's Black Book (R)
Impossible Mission (R)
Kamikaze Run (R)
Room 5b78 (R)

Hit And Run (C)
Lone Star Patrol (C)
Maglocks (C)
Mine Field (C)
Sentry Gun (C)
Ancient's Turf (U)
EyeKiller (U)
Free Spirit (U)
Fusion Gate (U)
Halloweener Hell (U)
Hunting Gargoyles (U)
Integrated Control Center (U)
Knight Errant Guards (U)
Barney Phyffe (R)
Elite Security Mage (R)
Flock of Geese (R)
Guardian Dracoform (R)
Guardian Earth Elemental (R)
Guardian Fire Elemental (R)
Hevey Sentry Gun (R)
Hellhound (R)
Highway Showdown (R)
Incubus (R)
Killer Drone (R)
Motion Detectors (R)
Runners On Retainer (R)
Security Decker (R)
Security Rigger (R)
Steppin' Wulf Ambush (R)
The Big Chase (R)

Specials (stingers)
Change of Plans (U)
No Way Out (U)
Reinforcements (U)
Rough Night (U)
Wild Goose Chase (U)
All Or Nothing (R)
Blindsided (R)
Brain Freeze (R)
Tactics: Converge (R)
Cowards (R)
Just a Rumor (R)
Lofwyr's Schemes (R)
Major Drain (R)
Suicide Run (R)

Bad Lunch (C)
Bugged Deck (U)
Even Steven (U)
Rampaging Mutant (U)
Abducted! (R)
Ambidextrous (R)
Cyber-phychosis (R)
Knock-Knock (R)
Matrix Crash (R)
red Alert (R)
Rush Job (R)

If You have any of the above and need anything from my trade list, let me know.



These messages were posted a long time ago on a mailing list far, far away. The copyright to their contents probably lies with the original authors of the individual messages, but since they were published in an electronic forum that anyone could subscribe to, and the logs were available to subscribers and most likely non-subscribers as well, it's felt that re-publishing them here is a kind of public service.