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From: Loki <daddyjim@**********.COM>
Subject: [ADMIN] FAQ Help!
Date: Wed, 27 Aug 1997 23:31:48 -0700
When I was first looking at starting this list, a few of you extended
an offer to help in whatever way you could Well, here I am with a call
to arms.

We're seeing the number of list members approach a decent level
(double digits, anyways). I've also posted an anouncement about the
list on a few RPG and TCG newsgroups, so we may see a few new faces
show up from that.

Anyways, I'm putting together a page at my site for the SRTCG and
namely the mailing list. This will also be the home for our FAQ,
except that there is no FAQ in existence yet.

A couple of times now I've sat down to start on a fledgling FAQ of one
sort or another but nothing is coming of it. This is mainly due to one
thing...TIME...I don't have enough of it.

I'm able to spend alot of time online and accessing email because I
have direct T1 access during the 8-hour shift I'm at work. This is
also where I've been trying to get the FAQ started, but it's hard to
keep a constant line of thought going in between tech support calls
(you may have also noticed some of this is missed spelling and grammar
errors in my posts. :o)

Outside of work I'm lucky to grab a half hour or more at my personal
computer. A wife, a baby and a regular S/R game suck up most of what's
left of my time.

Enough rambling, what I want to ask is if someone(s) would like to
help put together the basics of our FAQ. I've been trying to resist
the urge to just cut and paste, or otherwise canabalize, the ShadowRN
FAQ. Maybe we can kick around the basics of what should go into ours,
then if some kind soul could mold and shape that into a basic
structure I could put the finishing touches to it when I get it posted.

I could still get around to it myself, but it may take a while. :o)

Thanx guys!

@>--,--'--- Loki

Fearless Leader of the Shadowrun Trading Card Game Mailing List
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"You're calling me Bitch like it's a bad thing."
--> CrapGame during the Drive in the Country tournament

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