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From: The Kumquat <kumquat@*****.COM>
Subject: Trading, Trading....
Date: Thu, 28 Aug 1997 01:18:58 -0500
It does appear that though I have precious few cards, I happen to have
one which most people happen to need. What I need is either Prime
Runners or a few good Uncommon mages, as I have many spells, but not a
single Mage runner.
When I buy more of this dangerous and Deadly addictive subscance, I will
have more on the "trading table" so to speak., but for now it is just a
single card.
Knock-Knock. (Special)
I also might be persuaded to trade my Runners on Retainer, All or
Nothing, and Room 5B78. (though, I confess, I really like the last one)
As I'm a player, *not* a collector, I don't have a need list, but rares
or cool uncommons could get me to trade rares, and I'll post *all* my
Uncommons when sending mail is easier.

--The Kumquat.
(no .sig until my Mailer is fixed)

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