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From: MC23 <mc23@**********.COM>
Subject: Re: Card Ratios
Date: Thu, 28 Aug 1997 10:11:17 -0400
Jaymz once dared to write,

>#Starter Set: 48 Common, 18 Uncommon, 3 Rare
>#Booster Set: 10 Common, 4 Uncommon, 1 Rare
>I have 4 boosters, 3 have 10, 4, 1 and 1 is 11, 3, 1
>1 starter with 48, 18 and 3

11, 3, and 1 is what I'm used to from Magic the Addiction. You'll
find that the machine that auto sort these things start out rough and get
a better mix and steady rarity numbers as they get used to packaging it.
As with mass production and machine sorting, errors will occasionally
creep up. Oh how I remember my one starter of Ice age with 12 rare cards
in it. Sometimes Life is good. B>]#


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more so and they were guarded very closely. To protect themselves, they
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History repeats itself.
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