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From: Brett Barksdale <brett@***.ORST.EDU>
Subject: Re: Deck Designs
Date: Thu, 28 Aug 1997 09:13:00 -0700
I've put together the first (what I though was...) obvious try which
was a big-money deck. Put in 4 Thrash, 4 Glitz (who cost 3 and 4 nuyen,
respectively) and each have Fame-1. Their only purpose is to come out
and raise your per-turn nuyen take. Then, I threw in 4 Kromagnus - 6/7
troll rocker who can be turned for 1 nuyen. Kromagnus is big enough to
go on runs (and suck up 6 points of damage) and able to turn and get
money when that's appropriate. Then, I tossed in 3 Moonlightings (quick

This base does a really good job of getting the nuyen flowing. Then, I picked
30 of the toughest, most obnoxious objectives (like Maglocks, Mine Field,
Booby Trap, and pumpable <because we have money with this deck!> challenges
like Lone Star patrol and Security Guards).

At this point, I'm up to 45 cards. The final 15 were:

8 street sams (2 Hatchetmen plus 6 big 6/7 <A1> guys)
4 Ajax (rigger)
3 crawler patrol drones

The sam sams are the meat of the running teams. They go it and blow stuff
up - it's that simple. And their natural armor and large bodies suck up
enough damage. The key is to get enough runners on the table to pound through
all three opponent challenges in one swoop so they can't replace the challenges
or block with their own runners.

When I first started opening boosters, I laughed at Ajax. "Common worthless
card," I thought. Then, (in an earlier version of this deck), I discovered
the serious need for recon, demolitions and technical skills/abilities to
avoid Booby Traps, see Mine Fields, and sleaze Maglocks. (All common and
very deadly or annoying Challenges.) Ajax has BOTH demolitions and technical.
Throw in the crawler patrol drones to recon (and you've got the nuyen to pay
2 Nuyen/tern to recon), and you're in Fat City. This deck plays /really/ well.

Oh, and this is all done with /commons/. (!!) Since (like everyone else) I'm
still working on collecting a set, first and foremost, I didn't want
to damage any of the rares or uncommons I need for trading right now. The only
uncommon/rare card that I'd definitely add to this deck that I can think of
offhand is False Mentor (which is pretty much a must for ANY deck).

Problems with the deck: No stealth. No magic. So, if your opponent knows
what you're playing, challenges can be chosen so that there's no
sleazing for you. However, the inability to sleaze has not been a problem
so far.

It's still early, but in 8 games, this deck hasn't been beaten and it hasn't
been close. I'm really hoping that the "quick-money" style of deck isn't
the only way to go.

Has anyone else been able to experiment yet?

- Brett


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