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From: Bull <chaos@*****.COM>
Subject: Re: [SR] "The Iron Lung" [How to Use]
Date: Thu, 28 Aug 1997 16:34:19 -0400
At 04:28 PM 8/28/97 -0400, Michael Pease/Tamara Lorenz wrote these timeless
>Bull wrote:
>> Just as a note, you don;t capitalise the R in Shadowrun...
> Duly noted.
No probs... If you note the little Orky smile at the end, I was only
teasing (Are you on the Shadowrn Mailing List? I didn't recognize your
handle or addy...?). Don't take me TOO seriously, most of the time.
Nobody else does...:]


>> Yes, When a runner "Visits" a Location, they must Turn. Some Locations
>> not require a runner to visit, but these are like the Ork, Dwarf, and Elf
>> places, and the Warehouse...
>> Bull
> Thank you for your your idea seems practical and is in
>with "Jyhad" which is obviously a forebearer of this game. But... on
>page #54 under locations it says , "...some locations *may* require you
>to turn a runner in order to use that location..."
> Now The Iron Lung card does *not* specifically say that you must
>turn/tap a runner to use it.
Ok, I looked and couldn;t actually find anything in the rulebook (most
annoying, but then, what do you want out of a tiny little StarterDeck

However, I (As well as the Listowner, Loki, and Dvixen, and Caric (You here
yet Caric?)) got to Demo the game at Gen Con with some official FASA reps,
and we were told that unless otherwise stated, you need to visit a location
with a runner, and visiting will Turn (tap:)) the runner.

> Also lower down the same page <#54> , it goes on to say, "...UNless
>otherwise stated, Locations and Contacts can be used any number of
> Which further implies that a single runner can access the IRON LUNG
>multiple times in a single turn...
No, but you can visit it with multiple runners. usually I get THUMPed by
this card, though. But i do it anyways...;]

> Do we have a NetRep's view of this card yet?
Loki isn;t Official (yet), but He's probably as close as we get. However,
hopefully we'll be able to talk either Mike "Skuzzy" Nielson (the card
designer) or FASAMike Mulvhill (The Shadowrun Line Developer) into joining
the list eventually.

hey Loki? you emntioned this list to FASAMike yet? If not, I'll mail him
and let him know we have this list set up. It has a much lower traffic
volume (At the moment) than Shadowrn... maybe we can get him on here, at

Bull, aka Steven Ratkovich, aka Rak, aka a lot of others! :]

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