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From: Skye Comstock <bilbo@****.NWLINK.COM>
Subject: Re: [SR:TCG] For Sale
Date: Thu, 28 Aug 1997 13:05:22 -0800
>In all honesty, I'd prefer to see only trades done on the list. Posting
>something saying 'I have some cards I want to sell, please email for
>list.' However, I could deal with.

I'd prefer to see the haves/wants, then to see it taken private as
soon as possible. It takes up a lot of emails, not really bandwidth
since the posts are relatively small, but it's still a pain to
have to mulch through all of it.

And.. heh.. 3-4 dollars for a stinking card that's been out for a
week? Yech, I now remember why I hate card games. ;) Except
this one, of course!

I need a job, a good job.


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