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From: Loki <daddyjim@**********.COM>
Subject: [OT] Caric (was Re: [SR] "The Iron Lung" [How to Use])
Date: Thu, 28 Aug 1997 19:40:51 -0700
---Bull wrote:
> However, I (As well as the Listowner, Loki, and Dvixen, and Caric
(You here
> yet Caric?)) got to Demo the game at Gen Con with some official FASA

I meant to comment on this on a previous post and it' slipped by me.
(What do you expect when you do 95% of your emailing while at work?)

For those of you who know him, Caric got another job a week or so ago.
He used to be at the same call center I work at, and now having left,
he's given up the luxury of sitting here at a computer with T1 access
to the 'Net 8 hours a day, 5 days a week. :o)

He's really behind on email. When our group got together for S/R last
Saturday he hadn't checked his email in 3 days and feared logging on
as those who are also on the ShadowRN list should understand...figure
about 350 mails waiting for you. :o)

Anyways, I've been hounding him to sub to SRCARD. I've told him he's
missing some hot wheelin' and dealin', and we're only three days old.
I'll keep on him too, but he can be difficult to motivate sometimes.

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