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From: Loki <daddyjim@**********.COM>
Subject: Re: [SRCCG] Damn. damn. damn. (long-Sorry)
Date: Tue, 26 Aug 1997 23:05:04 -0700
---"Joshua M. Kanapkey" wrote:
> I'm sending a letter with about ten questions to their FAQ thing,
> fasacorp2@***.com, I believe. Perhaps some of ya'll could give me
your input
> on my group's questions? It would be greatly appreciated. }:)
> 1. Are Chipjacks cumulative? Are Skillsofts cumulative? IIRC, they
> cumulative in SR, but I'm wondering if that will matter for the
> have settled on a House Rule of NO for now anyway, but more feedback
> hurt.

My understanding would be that both would be cumulative. Chipjacks
would just be limitted by Essence. Skillsofts would be cumulative to
get even more benefit from Hand Razors or a Katana that adds in Melee
to the damage, or to meet sleaze requirements.

> Also, can Skillsofts be removed or replaced? Are these like chipped
> skills or like skillwires?

I'd say Skillsofts could be traded just like the skillsoft chips in

> 2. We are assuming that only ONE copy of a UNIQUE card may be in
play at a
> time. Would most of ya'll concur on this?

Close, according to Skuzzy only one of any Unique card may be present
in your deck. Prime Runners are where only one can be in play at a

> 3. Fatigue takes effect after damage has been resolved, correct?

Correct. That's what make challenges that deal damage first a real
bitch to kill.

> 4. On the 'Courier Run' objective, do you keep the identity of the
courier a
> secret or must you point to one and say "This is the courier."? We
feel that
> the courier should remain a secret, so we write the name down on a
piece of
> paper. This, to us at least, makes this run more interesting.

I don't believe there's a ruling on this. We've just declared it
openly, but writing it down sounds interesting.

> 5. On the 'Harlequin's Game' objective, does the runner
requirement(Mage or
> Shaman, Rigger/Decker, etc) have to survive the run in order to
score the
> objective, or do you merely have to have one of the required runners
> the run with the team in order to score it?

Yes, they must make it all the way through.

> 6. For the objective 'Milk Run', it modifies all challenges played
on it by
> -2/-2. If this reduces the Body value of a challenge to zero, is that
> challenge considered a bluff or does it still get to deal damage?

I'd say to treat it a challenge reduced below zero as a bluff, it's a
milk run after all. :o)

> 7. Regarding the spells Fireball, Bolt of Power, and Hellblast: a)
Do you
> activate the spell at the beginning of the shadowrun or when combat
> triggered?

When needed in combat.

> b) If the former, is it in effect for the entire run or does it
> only affect the first combat?

Just for the combat.

> And does it then last the rest of the turn or
> is that it for that spell for the turn?

Just for combat.

> 8. In the FAQ, there are 2 questions regarding the gear/magic card
Heal and
> the gear/matrix card Black Hammer which asks if they can be used
> another player's turn. The FAQ says they may. Are these considered
to be in
> the 'stinger' category and can be used at any time?

Pretty much.

> 9. <snip> We have been saying that "target runner"
> allows the challenge's owner to deal damage, while "One of the
> allows the running player to deal damage and "Trash a runner..."
allows the
> running player to choose(sacrifice basically) one of his runners.

That's how we've been playing it as well.

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