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From: Loki <daddyjim@**********.COM>
Subject: Re: More FAQ stuff for Loki (and others) to think on
Date: Tue, 26 Aug 1997 23:19:30 -0700
---Bull wrote:
> Ok, through play the other night we came across a few other
questions that
> I figured I'd post, as well as how we solved it and why we did it
that way...
> 1. If a character takes Armor Piercing Damage, and is wearing an
> Vest (Or one of the other arnors that gets trashed sometimes), does
> still have to roll?


> We said that Yes, you still have to roll. Mostly because you have
to keep
> the rules simple and even for every situation, and some AP damage
> damage the armor.

That's how I would rule as well.

> 2. When a Runner team faces a Challenge in a 3+ player game, does
> challenge get revealed to all players? Or do the other players just
get to
> watch as the Runners scream and drop like flies? <evil grin>
> We said that only the owner of teh Challenge and the running player
> the Challenge, as this makes things fun (mostly due to the dying and
> screaming:)).

Interesting. My guess would be it's just turned over and revealed to
all, but what you suggest does spice things up a little. However, I
feel the hush-hush way of playing it would be a little complicated and
akward for larger groups or tournament play. Adds a little to strategy
to try and decide whether to go for it or wait and remember/prepare
for what the guy before you faced (kinda like a mass recon).

> 3. What is teh official cost for Z-Zone? And did this card get
fixed in
> the main set?

This one's in the FAQ at FASA. Yes it got fixed in the printing, it
costs 6 nu yen.

> 4. In the case of Objectives and Challenges that require you to
roll to
> see what happens, who rolls?
> This one doesn;t matter, but there are too many rules-lawyers magic
> out there who will argue this one for years...:]

I'd say the owner of the Objective or Challenge being rolled for.

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