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From: Loki <daddyjim@**********.COM>
Subject: Loki's Needs [ Not as long as the Trade list :o) ]
Date: Wed, 27 Aug 1997 13:02:05 -0700
Ok, a number of you said to just open the floodgates and post my card
lists so here's the first one.

This is my "Need" list to complete my set. Cards are designated as
Common, Uncommon and Rare


Cards Needed:

Caeser (R)
Clutch (R)
Da' Profezzur (R)
Dodger (R)
Dr. Apocalypse (R)
Drake (R)
Ghost Who Walks (R)
Gutter Rat (R)
Highbrow (R)
Jack Skater (R)
Kham (R)
Marek (R)
Pappy (R)
Sally Tsung (R)
Scatter (R)
Scorpio (R)
Tempest (R)
Tin Man (R)
Titan (R)
Wheeler (R)

Dermal Plating (U)
Doc Wagon (Gold) (U)
Harley Scorpion (U)
HK227 (U)
Sleep (U)
Chip Jack 3 (R)
Crash (R)
Defiance Taser (R)
Doberman Patrol Vehicle (R)
Gyro Stabilizer (R)
Heavy Armor (Full) (R)
Heavy Armor (Partial) (R)
Hellblast (R)
Lucky Wabbits Foot (R)
Monofililament Whip (R)
Redirect Datatrail (R)
Remington 750 (R)
Skillsoft: Athletics (R)
Skillsoft: Demolitions (R)
Skillsoft: Piloting (R)
Skillosft: Stealth (R)
Wired Reflexes (R)

Humanis Policlub Member (R)
Squatter (R)
The Fat Man (R)

The Hideaway (R)
The Z-Zone (R)

Cermak Blast (C)
Courier Run (C)
Eco-War! (U)
Cleanse the Hive (R)

Custom System (R)
Elite Security Mage (R)
Flock of Geese (R)
Guardian Earth Elemental (R)
Guardian Fire Elemental (R)
Heavy Sentry Gun (R)
Hellhound (R)
Highway Showdown (R)
Killer Drone (R)
Security Rigger (R)
Steppin' Wulf Ambush (R)
The Big Chase (R)
Time-Delayed Bomb (R)

Blindsided (R)
Brain Freeze (R)
Cowards (R)
Distraction (R)
False Mentor (R)
Just a Rumor (R)
Major Drain (R)
Suicide Run (R)

Riots (U)
Abducted (R)
Ambidextrous (R)
Cyber-Psychosis (R)
Knock-Knock (R)
Matrix Crash (R)
Red-Alert (R)
Rush Job (R)

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