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From: Loki <daddyjim@**********.COM>
Subject: Re: [SR] "Timing Issues"
Date: Thu, 28 Aug 1997 22:56:01 -0700
---Michael Pease/Tamara Lorenz wrote:
> #1: Loki has already declared that Locations that are
> require the runners to tap, therefore Runners accessing the Club
> would have to tap to generate a Drug counter. <yes?>

Yes, the card says "Turn Runner to visit Club Vortex and roll D6 for
each visiting Runner.

> #2: At what point does a person declare that their runner
with a "drug
> counter" is going to use that counter? Do they declare its use prior
> beginning the run? Or during the run?

Club Vortex says the token may be used at any time.

> #3: When do augmented characters who have taken a normally
> amount of damage actually die?

A similar Q&A is posted in FASA's SRTCG FAQ:

If I pump Tin Man (normally 5/5) to 8/8 and he takes 6 damage, what
Tin Man's stats will return to normal during the End phase of the
turn. This would give him 6 damage against a Body of 5, and so Tin Man
would be trashed.

> #4 Who decides where to allocate DMG from any given
Challenge card? If
> the shadowrunning team gets to decide where all the DMG goes what
> benefit is the "First Strike" offered by *The Security Drone*
> card... It would seem to me that the runner team would take the first
> strike and just soak the DMG on its runners so as to let them all
> and carry on with the run... Now if your opponent allocated the FIRST
> STRIKE dmg or any DMG for that matter, from challenge cards that
> be another story. So how do you all play this?

Again from FASA's FAQ:

Does Fatigue apply to damage a Runner has just received from a card
that "attacks first"?

So in other words, now that the running team has taken damage from the
drone attacking first, and fatigue has taken affect, do they still do
enough damage to kill the drone? Remember anyone who doesn't have the
Stamina ability is getting their Attack Value reduced by the amount of
damage they've sustained.

> All your help is greatly appreciated!

And freely offered.

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