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From: Wind Dancer <winddancer@***********.NET>
Subject: Re: Deckers
Date: Fri, 29 Aug 1997 03:19:32 -0400
At 09:09 PM 8/28/97 -0700, you wrote:
>---Lady Jestyr wrote:
>> Call me stupid [shut up the lot of you!] but I haven't really been
>> to find the purpose of deckers... what's the best way of utilising
>> deckers?
>The power of deckers is pretty much like that of mages, in fact
>they're the exact techy counterpart of mages use matrix gear just like
>spells. For example, Sticky Fingers allows you to steal nu yen from
>your opponent, Steam Roller allows you to trash electrical challenges
>on a die roll, Sleaze lets you reset a triggered alarm, Browse lets
>you look at two unrevealed challenges . There's others but this is
>what I remember of off the top of my head.
>Plus, most deckers have Recon, which is a priceless ability. A couple
>have the Tech Skill, and Ice Queen has a nasty ability where you can
>turn her to force an opponent to lose a nu yen.

Then of course FastJack is a mean one any way you look at it...




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