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Mailing List Logs for ShadowRN

From: Nick Zafirakis <zafiraki@******.NET.AU>
Subject: Buying cards
Date: Fri, 29 Aug 1997 21:31:43 +1000
Hi, Can the person who posted a list of cards for sale please send me
the list again.

While we are at it, what are people paying for their boxes. I am from
Australia and paying something like $115 US per box.

Can I also add this on the topic of trade and sale lists:

It is probably not worthwhile posting lists of coomons and uncommons for
two reasons:

a) It is going to take up too much bandwidth with large individual
messages that will take an age to download. I have at different times
subscribed to quite a few lists and as a game matures the number of huge
trade and sale posts makes quickly gets out of control;
b) Anyone who is going to invest a serious amount in this game will
quickly accumulate all commons and uncommons. This is not to say that
you could not post a small list of uncommons that you are looking for
for a deck. I can see that happening a lot.

In closing, I just think you have to consider that other people may not
be interested in seeing huge trading posts which may detract from their
enjoyment of the list. A little common sense and courtesy to your fellow
list members will go a long way towards making this list a success.

BTW my comments should not be taken as a critisism of any past posts to
the list. We are all very enthusiastic about this new game. We should
enjouy it for a while before things get serious.



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