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From: Brett Barksdale <brett@***.ORST.EDU>
Subject: Re: Here's a couple of questions
Date: Fri, 29 Aug 1997 08:29:12 -0700
More unofficial answers...

>1) Is it alright to search through your lost pile at whim?

I believe so.

>2) Alright, I've got an objective up that states "awakened challenges can
>not be sleazed," and I encounter an _awakened_ challenge that states "if
>[yadah yadah yadah] challenge is automatically sleazed." So, which one
>takes precedence?

The card takes precedence. It /has/ to be this way. Otherwise, a combination
like Motion Detectors (which attaches to the objective and prevents any
future sleazing against that objective) and Mine Fields would be impossible
to beat.

>3) Is "Sleep" cool to play during runner to runner combat? The card states
>that it "affects only Awakened and Personnel Challenges." However, isn't a
>runner akin to Personnel?

I would seriously doubt this is cool. Runners are not challenges - even if
they are "personnel-like".

>4) And the silliest question... How exactly does fatigue work? Ok, I got a
>runner with a 6/6 threat rating. He takes 5 points of damage. This gives
>him a modified threat rating of 1/1. Now, there's a card in effect that
>"doubles the effects of fatigue." This means that the runner's threat
>rating is an effective -4/-4. At any point in time, is the runner trashed?
>My gut instinct is NO, since the actual damage hasn't exceeded the body
>value. However, some chummers of mine seem to read the rules differently.

Fatigue only effects the attack value (the number in front of the slash).
If doubling the penalty from wounds brings the attack below 0, it's just
counted as zero. Only /damage/ lowers body. Fatigue is just an effect, based
on damage, that lowers the runner's ability to inflict damage.

- Brett


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