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From: Brett Barksdale <brett@***.ORST.EDU>
Subject: Re: Boxes of Cards
Date: Fri, 29 Aug 1997 08:39:30 -0700
>In a box of starters (I only got ten starter decks in the box), you'll end
>up with 30 rares versus 36 for buying the booster box. That averages out to
>$1.81 per rare with the boosters and $1.83 per rare with the starter box.
>Granted, you get more Uncommons and Commons with the starter box; however,
>if you're going for a full set and will be buying a couple of boxes,
>chances are you are going to end up with a drekload of those cards anyway
>that the money issue with those is nil.

Exactly. Again, if you want to complete a set, BUY BOOSTERS. And actually,
you'll get more uncommons buying a box of boosters than a box of starters
as well. 36 boosters x 4 uncommons/boosters = 144 uncommons. So, for starters
to be as good, they would have to have 144 uncommons/10 starters = 14.4 uncommons.
Starters do NOT have 14.4 or more uncommons in them. Even scaling down by
the relative costs ($55/$65), starters still don't have 14.4 * (55/65) = 12.2
uncommons in them.

The only thing starters will get you is more COMMONS. And if you're buying
enough to complete a set, you will have more common cards than God by the
time you're done.

- Brett


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