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From: Andrew Payne III <smiling_bandit@**********.COM>
Subject: None
Date: Fri, 29 Aug 1997 13:50:36 -0700
The group I play SRTCG with had an idea and here is the outcome.

We played 5 games of SRTCG and changed the section about interupting
an other players run. We made it so that any player could intercept
anothers run even if their are challenges. In the first game we
played, after three turns we recognized that this was bad but we did
not want to let the idea die. So we instituted a reward to the player
whos group won the fight. We figured the winner of the fight is the
one who killed more runners than the other. If the attacker won we
gave him 4¥, and if the defender won we gave him 10 rep points from
the attackers points for beating the attackers runners. If there was
a tie in the number of runners killed the we figured that the defender
won the fight. During the second game one of the players modified his
deck to make it more combat oriented than it already was. He would
continually block runs and win about 90% of them, which netted him
36¥. We decided this also was bad, so we changed the attackers reward
to nothing. The rest of the games went fine we only had about 3
blocked runs that were not according to the rule book. At the end we
decided that the idea did not work out all that great so we decided to
play by the rules so we would be ready for tournements. I thought I
would post this experiment for the prosperity of the group and because
I got a lot of time right now and I am bored. :)

Andrew Payne III

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