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From: "Joshua M. Kanapkey" <Wakabout@***.COM>
Subject: Skuzzy's Response to my Questions
Date: Fri, 29 Aug 1997 17:34:20 -0400
Howdy!! On 08-28-97, I posted a message to the ShadowRN list (because this
one didn't exist at the time I posted) with several questions on the SRTCG
card game. I also posted those questions to FASA's Mike "Skuzzy" Nielsen at
fasacorp2@***.com. Following are his responses to my questions:

<<<Subj: Riddle me this...
Date: 97-08-29 16:25:22 EDT
From: FASACorp2
To: Wakabout


1. Are Chipjacks cumulative? Are Skillsofts cumulative? IIRC, they aren't
cumulative in SR, but my friends and I wonder if this matters in the SRTCG.
We have settled on a house rule of NO for the time being, but an official
response would be appreciated. Also, can Skillsofts be removed or replaced?
Are they more like chipped skills or Skillwires? Yes you can put multiple
chipjacks on a Runner if you'de like. It's OK to do it in the SRtcg.
Skillsofts can be traded just like any other gear.

2. We are assuming that only ONE copy of a UNIQUE card may be in play at a
time. Is this a correct assumption. Not really. Initial that was the
intention but it created problems when dealing with unique Challenges so it
was decided that it just meant a limit of one per deck. Note that Hatchetman
2057 is a Unique Prime Runner so you can only have one per deck AND one in
play at a time.

3. Fatigue takes effect after damage has been resolved, correct? Yes, except
when dealt by a source that "attacks first". In these situations it applies

4. Regarding the spells Bolt of Power, Fireball and Hellblast: a)Do you
activate the spell at the beginning of the shadowrun or when combat is
triggered? b)If the former, is it in effect for the entire run or does it
only effect the first combat?
You activate it after the Challenge has been revealed. Each spell is only in
effect for the combat it was activated for.

5. On the 'Courier Run' objective, do you keep the identity of the courier a
secret or must you point one out and say: "This is the courier." ? We feel
that the courier's identity should remain a secret, so we write the runner's
name on a piece of paper. This, to us at least, makes this run more
As it stands you have to announce it but I REALLY dig your idea! =) Maybe
it'll get that included in the reprint. Hmmmmmm...

6. On the 'Harlequin's Game' objective, does the runner requirement
(Mage/Shaman, Rigger/Decker, etc.) have to survive the shadowrun or merely be
a part of the team when it begins the run? The reason we ask is to clarify
because other objectives with specific runner-type requirements specifically
say they must survive.
The Req. Runner type must be present at the end of the Shadowrun.

7. For the objective 'Milk Run', it modifies all challenges in play by -2/-2.
If this reduces the Body value of a challenge to zero or less, is the
challenge then considered a bluff or does it still get to deal damage? For
example, 'Chomps 2000 Guard Dog' is a 6/2. The modifier makes it a 4/0, but
Chomps ignores damage the first time it is triggered(Ok, so this is a bad
example. Sorry.). We have been saying that Chomps would be considered a bluff
because the objective does not deal damage, only modifies the Threat Rating.
If this reduced the Challenge's threat rating to zero then it would be
trashed after revealed, but it wouldn't be considered a bluff because it is
still a Challenge. It would still deal damage if it was able to.

8. Does the running player always determine where damage from challenges is
applied unless the challenge specifically states that the owner of the
challenge decides where it is dealt? Some cards say: "Target runner takes X
damage." Others say: "One of the runners present take X damage." And still
others say things like: "Trash a runner who is present."(Booby Trap) We have
been saying that "target runner" allows the challenge's owner to distribute
damage, while "One of the runners..." allows the running player to distribute
damage, and "Trash a runner..." allows the running player to choose one of
his runners to be sacrificed. How should these be dealt with?
You're doing it right!

Hope this helps,
Mike "Skuzzy" Nielsen >>>

I thought ya'll might like to see this. If not, or if I'm doing wrong by
posting this to the list, please let me know (privately) and it'll never
happen again.

Wakabout {{@***.com}}


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