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From: "Joshua M. Kanapkey" <Wakabout@***.COM>
Subject: Deckers and Riggers and Shamans, Oh My! (was "Deckers")
Date: Fri, 29 Aug 1997 17:37:04 -0400
In a message dated 97-08-29 07:41:56 EDT, Lady Jestyr wrote:

<< Call me stupid [shut up the lot of you!] but I haven't really been able
to find the purpose of deckers... what's the best way of utilising
deckers? >>

I'd kinda like a clarification on this myself. Do Deckers go on the run, and
thus add their Threat Rating, or do they sit in the Safehouse and just deck
during a run, adding whatever programs they have when it's appropriate but
not actively adding their Threat Rating to the run? Could someone who is
familiar with them please do an example run with deckers?

Also, if a Rigger sends drones on a run, he counts against the limit of six
runners but the drones do not, correct? Does the Rigger add his Threat Rating
to the team, or does only the drone's TR get added or BOTH?

Ditto on the previous question, but sub Shaman for Rigger and
Spirit/Elemental for Drone.

Example runs regarding my previous questions would be appreciated. If you
don't want to post it to the List, then private is acceptable.

T'anks and Adieu,
Wakabout {{@***.com}}


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