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From: Tony Glinka <glinka@**.NETCOM.COM>
Subject: Fatigue
Date: Fri, 29 Aug 1997 17:50:05 -0700
I have a question about Fatigue, since it has come up a few times
that fatigue only affects the Power/Attack value of the threat rating.
On p. 64 of the rulebook is says that to represent fatigue you subtract
the amount of damage "taken from both the Attack Value and his Body."
3 options here. Either a) the body part is meant to be the damage
taken or b) it is in addition to the damage (Ouch!) or c) it is worded
in the rulebook wrong.

a) If it is the damage taken then runners with stamina take no damage
and are either at full health or trashed. Doesn't seem right.
b) If it is in addition to the damage, it is double dipping and major
pain for the runners. I really don't think this is the correct
c) Fatigue should only affect the attack value and not the body (actual
damage would lower the body not the fatigue, but for the most part it is
the same effect). I think this is the right way to read it and the way
we have played it. Also if so why is the rulebook worded the way it is?

I just would like to have it stated for me in a nice simple
straight-forward manner. Is that so much to be ask? :)



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