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From: Loki <daddyjim@**********.COM>
Subject: Re: Deckers and Riggers and Shamans, Oh My!
Date: Fri, 29 Aug 1997 19:18:49 -0700
---"Joshua M. Kanapkey" wrote:
> I'd kinda like a clarification on this myself. Do Deckers go on the
run, and
> thus add their Threat Rating, or do they sit in the Safehouse and
just deck
> during a run, adding whatever programs they have when it's
appropriate but
> not actively adding their Threat Rating to the run? Could someone
who is
> familiar with them please do an example run with deckers?

Exactly. You had it right. A decker will count towards the six runners
that may be allocated towards a run, however they do not physically
"go in" unless it's a closed system and they're forced to. Thus they
won't usually add their threat rating when combatting challenges, but
neither are they at risk of being damaged or trashed by the same.

> Also, if a Rigger sends drones on a run, he counts against the limit
of six
> runners but the drones do not, correct? Does the Rigger add his
Threat Rating
> to the team, or does only the drone's TR get added or BOTH?

My understanding would be that drones, while counting as runners on
the team for taking damage and being trashed/fragged by challenges, do
not count towards the limit of six runners for a Shadowrun (only the
rigger himself does).

Once a drone is activated and now present on the run, the riggers
Attack Rating is replaced by that of the drone. However, the rigger is
present and thus susceptible to damage himself.

> Ditto on the previous question, but sub Shaman for Rigger and
> Spirit/Elemental for Drone.

Ditto what I said above.

> Example runs regarding my previous questions would be appreciated.
If you
> don't want to post it to the List, then private is acceptable.

I hop I explained it without demo runs, but if you'd still need them
let me know.

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