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Mailing List Logs for ShadowRN

From: james <chrisk@******.COM>
Subject: srccg solo rules
Date: Sat, 30 Aug 1997 22:04:00 -0400

I've been working on rules for shadowrun ccg solo for about a week, and
I have come up with some basic rules. You see, where I live no one plays
card games except magic and it's hard for me to play any other game unless
there are solo rules. I wanted to play shadowrun ccg. Since the first
advertisement in Scrye and now I have three starters and some boosters but
no one to play against. I have played over thirty games and I still have
not played against a live opponent, but such is life. I just wanted
everyone to know that so when you read the rules you can take it with a
grain of salt and a pitcher of beer. Without the benefit of live play I
can't compare the flavor and or feel for the game, i.e. strategy, team
construction, gear placement, ect... so I found a way to use most of the
cards to randomly build a runner team and send them on a shadowrun to
obtain Objectives throw challenges and still use most of the original
If anyone is interested in reading a copy of my solo rules I can post it
on srcard. But a word of warning, the posting will be a long one (one to
two hundred lines). I will start typing up the solo rules tonight and have
it ready for posting by tomorrow night or Monday night at the latest.

I hope all your shadowruns are successful and most importantly profitable

chris (aka. ground zero)


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