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Mailing List Logs for ShadowRN

From: Matb <mbreton@**.NETCOM.COM>
Subject: Re: Ramblings and Combo's
Date: Sat, 30 Aug 1997 05:20:15 -0700
> I got ahold of Fastjack the other day. GREAT card... Decking 4 is just
> beatifull. Combine that with a Fairlight Excalibur to get Decking 7, and
> Fuchi. You're guranteed 2 Nuyen, have a good chance in getting 4 Nuyen,
> and can even possiblt net yourself 5 Nuyen, or 5 Rep points! YOu just
> become a Nuyen Machine with this going... Granted, it's a 3 card combo,
> but once it's out and working...:]

This is Fuchi Industries, the promo-only card, right?

I'm quickly learning how good these promos are! Can't wait til I get my
hands on a Hatchetman 2057 for the Cyber team (skraaawk!)

Lady J, you might have to bribe me all over again...

> Another good one is Operation Up and Over, Critter Hunt's, and Amazonian
> Hunt as your objectives. Then, as your challenges, put in a LOT of
> Awakened Challenges,especially the ones like Manticore and Basilisk that
> deal their damage to a single runner, as well as those big nasties with a
> lot of armor, like Awakened Dracoform and the Gargoyle. When you slap
> those down on Operation Up and Over, and they suddenly gain +2/+2 and
> you've got some really dead runners...:]

The Gargoyles are nasty (they're, what, 10/11 after the Hunt?) but the
Basilisk is where it's at. Given that the game recycles itself (in
enough time) fragging's where it's at.

Just waiting for "Delta Clinic: Trash runner to bring fragged runner
back into the game"....

> I'm also real fond of having a lot of Big, Tough runners and using the
> Cermak Blast and Urban Brawl Objectives. These are just fantastic, as they
> cancel out those nasty, evil challenges and just make you fight a rival
> Urban Brawl Team or some Bugs. I'll take an 8/8 A3 bug over a Mine field
> any day...:]

At which point I'd lob on all the "useless" Challenges I could :P Gee,
normally you could sleaze right by those street scum.. looks like
they're really flesh forms, though!

> And one card that's just plain evil by itself... False Mentor. Wow, is
> that a nice card. That won me a game last night.

May I suggest - since it's so early in the game's lifetime - we post a
description of the card - especially on these rares?


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