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From: Matb <mbreton@**.NETCOM.COM>
Subject: Re: Fw: Questions about Deckers in Shadowrun CCG
Date: Sat, 30 Aug 1997 07:08:51 -0700
> > Alright, here is a couple questions about Deckers.

> > 1. A decker counts for being on a run (agaist the maximum of 6 runners),
> > but is not present and may not be targeted by challenges, correct?

Pages 35 and 36. If you really wanted to, you could physically send him
any run - give him a big enough gun, and he'll move the world.

> > 2. If a decker is assisting a run in the about way, is his group hampered
> > by his "anti-social" skill (if of course the runner in question has
> > skill)? Is he present on the run (the key words in the description of the
> > anti-social skill)?

Anti-social (p. 28) takes effect on any run the character is "present"
in; to be present means to be involved in the shadowrun - "all Runners
on a shadowrun as well as the curretly revealed Challenge." So the
anti-social decker keeps the friendly wiz-mage from making nice with the
cops, yes.

> > 3. Slight timing question. According to the rulebook, if two people want
> to play cards at the same time, the person whose turn it is goes first. My
> > friend has a decker, which I believe states "Turn to steal 1 nuyen from
> > your opponent, yadda yadda yadda". Anyways, during my friends turn, he
> > decides to go on a run (without this runner), and I have just enough
> nuyen to play Green Apple Quickstep, and I declare to play it. He then responds
> > by turning his decker, and saying "Alright, I will take one of your
> nuyen, you can no longer play the card, and it is discards". Is this really what
> > happens? We are REALLY confused on this one. Can you respond or back up
> an action? Can cards "fizzle" if you no longer can pay the cost?

Oh no.. more MtG. :)

Once a card is declared, the money is spent and it is resolved on the
spot. Period, end of report. If the Sticky-Fingered Decker went first,
you wouldn't have the yen to use the card with; but if you went first,
the money is already spent, and the card already resolved.

If it's your turn, you get to go first; if it's your friends, he goes;
if it's someone else's, you each roll d6 and the highest goes.

Can you use a Loaded Die on this? :)

> > Well, thanks for your time!!!!


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