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From: Loki <daddyjim@**********.COM>
Subject: Re: Fw: General Questions about your Shadowrun CCG
Date: Sun, 31 Aug 1997 02:12:29 -0700
---Rob Harris wrote:
> Well, my group has come up with a fair amount of questions that I
> haven't seen awnsers for here or on the newsgroup. I have mailed
them to
> fasa, but would appriciate all of your opinoins. Lets see if we can
get the
> same awnsers as fasa comes up with!

We'll do our best, that's why this list is here. (Well, that and a
whole lotta trading. :o) Please let us know how FASA ruled when you
hear back from them.


> > 1. For the challenges "Electric Fence" and "Fusion Gate",
states on
> the
> > card that damage is done to target runners. but has no value in the
> "threat
> > rating". When is this damage done? Before? After? or Simultaneos?
> the
> > damage being done to the fence (it matters for things such as
> and
> > wether some runners even live to do damage!)?

The fence and gate don't list themselves as dealing damage first (as
opposed to challenges like Ambush or Security Drone), so I don't
believe that's the case. However, as you pointed out the Attack Value
is listed as zero in the Threat Rating. I've been playing it as if the
damage would be listed in its Attack Value, thus the damage is dealt
as in normal combat. I believe the damage is listed in the description
just because it's specifying the owner of the challenge is specifying
which runner takes it.

> > 2. Can a runner with a conjure of 2, say, use two spirits for a
run? Her
> > power would be reduced to 0, but both spirits could use thier
> > correct?

Yes, just as a Rigger with Piloting 2 could control two drones during
a run.

> > 3. This is a big one. For Gear that states outdoor (or indoor
for that
> > matter), what exactly is the interplay with challenge and
objectives. For
> > instance, there is some objectives that say no outdoor challenges.
> > rotor drone says it may not be used on indoor challenges, and has
> > outdoor trait. Can I use the drone on a challenge that is not
indoor or
> > outdoor on this run, for instance the Lone Star Patrol? Does the no
> outdoor
> > challenges restriction also restrict outdoor gear?

Gear with the description of outdoor (as in the Harley Scorpion) may
not be used against a challenge specified as indoor (as in Feeding

A challenge like Lone Star is not specifically indoor, so the bonuses
for someone using the Harley Scoprion still apply.

Objectives saying you cannot use outdoor challenges just refer to
challenges and do not apply to gear. However, there are some
Objectives like Amazonian Hunt that actually specify vehicles cannot
be used.

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