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From: Loki <daddyjim@**********.COM>
Subject: Re: Fw: General Questions about your Shadowrun CCG
Date: Sun, 31 Aug 1997 17:07:26 -0700
---Matb wrote:
> Well, here's my own (misinformed) opinion on them..

Matt, somehow your mailer is overriding the Reply-To field.


> > > 2. Can a runner with a conjure of 2, say, use two spirits for
a run? Her
> > > power would be reduced to 0, but both spirits could use thier
> > > correct?
> Spirits and drones "replace" their owner for the course of the
> (not run) - they bow, and instead of a 2/3 mage, you have a 6/6
> The shaman could use two spirits, but only on different obstacles
> (unless there's a way to unbow.. er, unturn them?)
> The conjuring skill limits the number of spirits the shaman can use
> one run, so if she was facing three challenges, she would only be
> to use spirits on two of them. The last one she has to face by
> :)

Actually the rule book (pg 34) says, "A Rigger may hold any number of
Drone cards, but may only use a number of Drones equal to his piloting
skill at any one time. When a Rigger goes on a run, he can declare at
any pointduring the shadowrun that he is using, or activating, a
Drone. At this point the player turns the Drone card. Once turned, the
Drone is present on the shadowrun."

This means a single Rigger may use more than one Drone simultaneously
(with appropriate Piloting skill) for any part of the shadowrun and
multiple challenges. (It can get nasty.)

The same applies for Shamans and their Spirits.

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