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From: Loki <daddyjim@**********.COM>
Subject: Questions posted to ShadowRN
Date: Sun, 31 Aug 1997 17:58:43 -0700
This message was originally posted to the ShadowRN list. Since the Q&A
may be of interest to members here, I also wanted to send a copy to

---"Adam \"Augurer\" Ormond" wrote:

> Heh, yesterday, in playing a 5 player game...a few questions came
> 1) What race is Fastjack?

Unknown. I asked Mike Mulivhill on this at Gen Con. True to the RPG,
no one knows Fastjack's race, so none is given on the card. :o)

> 2) With the card 'Whoops!', say, if played on ScatterRat the
> Shaman...does he lose all of his conjuring? Or is he dropped down
from 3
> conjuring to 2?

The skill is gone during the effect of the Stinger.

> 3) If on a run with adam bomb...and he's killed.. do all the
> on that run take 5 damage? or just the one that he died facing?

Those present, so all the runners on his team and the current face-up
challenge they were encountering will take the damage.

> 4) Does Skwaaaaarg(? unsure of spelling) have an essence? It says
he's a
> troll runner...but also says he's a cyborg...he's not cybermantic is

Yes, he has an Essence of 6 like anyone else. There are cyborg cards,
but there's no cybermancy as we know it in the TCG.

> 5) With says you get to choose what order you face the
> challenges...does that mean you get to see them first before you
> the order? Or do you have to recon them to see them?

I don't have my cards here at work, so I can't look at the wording on
the Fastjack card. I seem to remember it saying he got to look at all
the Challenges on an objective. If it doesn't then I'd say he needs to
recon them individually.

We now have a mailing list specific to the SRTCG. These kinds of
questions and answers should realy be handled over there from now on.

The subscription method is similar to ShadowRN:

To: listserv@********
Subj: <leave blank>

** Also, your mailer is repeating your message with a duplicate in
HTML format. Can you check into that and turn the feature off?

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