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From: Brett Borger <bxb121@***.EDU>
Subject: Re: Double Jeopardy
Date: Wed, 1 Apr 1998 16:32:29 EST
> > > > Heres an example. I'm in a four player game and I have double
> > > > and chomps 2000 on my objective. the other three players decide to
> > > > on my objective. the first guy runs against it and hits chomps. he
> > > > goes home and the demon dog lives on. the second guy runs. He kills
> > > > the chomps 2000 challenge and smashes into the double jeopardy
> > > > that is now a chomps 2000 and goes home. Now the third guys runs
> > > > against my objective. Heres the question. Is the double jeopardy
> > > > a chomps 2000 or just a bluff (since I haven't had a turn to play any
> > > > other challenge and no one else has either)?

ACtually, this is a question about Chomps....Since he can't be hurt
the first time he is encountered in the game, would guy 2 have any
problem? It's a new Chomp, but....



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