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From: Matb <mbreton@**.NETCOM.COM>
Subject: Re: German Promos
Date: Wed, 1 Apr 1998 18:31:02 -0800
Loki wrote:

> The names escape me at the moment but Matb has them included in
> spoiler lists on his page.

You rang? :)

The following promotional cards were designed and distributed for the
German market only. After endless wheedling, I have come to the
understanding that they're just not going to send them Statesward. =

Spoiler text is provided gratis Felix Hoefert.

BRANDENBURGER TOR / Location (Street) / 4¥
Turn a Runner with Streetwise-2 to visit the Berlin Anarchists at
Brandenburg Gate. Roll D6: 1-3: Visiting Runner takes 3AP damage. 4-6:
For X¥ (minimum of 3¥), the Anarchists will intercept a run on an
undefended Objective in your place. Threat Rating: (X+2)/X.

ENTFUHRT / Special / 3¥
[German-text version of Abducted!]

3/10. Unique. Kunstliche Intelligenz can only be fought by present
Deckers. If this Challenge is revealed by a Decker using Recon, trash
the Decker. If the AI is defeated, the shadowrunning player receives +10
Reputation. Shred the AI if trashed.

In addition, there is the HK Urban Kombat; speculation holds that it's a
low-cost machine pistol with Burst Fire (nice when in combination with
Blazing Guns, as the Burst Fire roll would be doubled.)

FanPro, the German distributors of SRTCG, created these cards without
telling FASA about them, so they're not looked on with a very kind eye. =

I'd like to get a hold of some just to use as tournament prizes... =


- Matt

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