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From: Michael <piccard@***********.COM.AU>
Subject: Re: Art Comments - My opinion
Date: Thu, 2 Apr 1998 13:40:38 +1000
> Mr Biske wrote:
> >She's extremely talented, but..... she's also got a very
> >distinctive style that, it you like that kind of thing, is great. But if
> >you're, for example, a big Bradstreet fan, Janet's work probably won't
> >appeal to you.
> Sorry, I'm a massive Bradstreet fan but I also like Janet's work. Those
> you who haven't seen it I thoroughly recommend you check out Janet's work
> the Earthdawn rule/sourcebooks.
> Yes I was disappointed the Elmore didn't do new cards for Sally & Co, but
> find Janet's work highly atmospheric - great use of shadow, few hard
> Having said that I really like the way Larry Mac's work conveys a great
> feeling of desolation, so often missing IHMO in a lot of SRun artwork.
> then again I think he's another 'love or hate' FASA artist. I've seen a
> of ranting about the 'poor quality'/'scratchiness' of his work.
> At the end of the day I feel FASA has a good and varied portfolio of
> available to them and single artists shouldn't be pointed out for
> if you don't like their particular style. As my dear old mum would say :
> you don't have nothing nice to say, don't say anything"
> Don't forget artists have got feelings too and you never know who reads
> you write - Hey Joel?


WHAT A LOAD OF HOG WASH!!! Where does that leave critical thinking? All due
respect to your mum, BUT, If all we ever were was nice, how would we know
we were assholes, or if what we had done sucked? it is only by being
corrected that we learn, and FAR from criticisms being unwanted, they are,
by and large, apreciated, in so far as they are backed up with something
more than "I don't like so and so, they suck!" It MUST be hard to have
one's work
criticised, but it IS an important part of the whole creative process. And
to say that it is being unkind is preposterous! Sure artists have feelings,
but that does not mean one should be expected to pussyfoot around them,
never saying anything for fear of hurting their feelings. Jim Nelson wrote
to me ".....tell me what you think of my work. If you don't like it, say
so. I
can take it." and I think most artists have the same attitude (feel free to
correct me). I think a better quote (again, no disrespect) would have been

"if you don't have anything CONSTRUCTIVE to say, don't say anything at

over and out
(Phew, I was starrting to work up a sweat!!)



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